Thoughts on “Best Years”

by carrieschlupp ~ November 6th, 2012. Filed under: Uncategorized.

Honestly, this movie was too serious and well-handled for me to consider snarking through. The only thing I noticed that was weird, but irrelevant, was that Homer’s ribbons weren’t right. He had all of the appropriate decorations, but his American Campaign Medal was placed before his Asiatic/Pacific Campaign Medal. Mary Quinn said that she had heard that filmmakers weren’t allowed to use 100% accurate military uniforms because in many cases the actors weren’t actual service members, or didn’t earn the same decorations as their characters, so they would find one very small detail to change or flip so the uniform was 99.99% right instead of 100%. I’m not sure whether that’s true, or is the reason for this particular switch, but it’s a cool trivia bit anyway.

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