Thoughts on Amistad

by carrieschlupp ~ September 25th, 2012. Filed under: Uncategorized.

Just nitpicking, but Cinque certainly did seem to know an awful lot about celestial navigation. Enough to attack the Spaniards and turn the ship east in the middle of the night…

That was one snazzy dome on the Capitol there in 1839… and to think all those Civil War era photos had me thinking it wasn’t finished until AFTER 1865! Silly me!

Wait, so you mean that people of color are actually shown as intelligent, developed characters with un-stilted dialogue and actual opinions? Wow.

Again with the gun problems, but in the liberation of the slave fortress, one guy’s hammer didn’t even fall when he pulled the trigger. It makes me miss Last of the Mohicans (Pennsylvania long rifle, in fairly common use by 1730, btw!)


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